Sea Turtle- Fleece Pullover, Unisex


Ingredients: This super soft, eco-friendly Octopus Ink  fleece pullover hoodie is made from a mix of cotton, poly, a night under the stars, stories told in whispered tones, sand in my sleeping bag, a fresh sketchbook, a 3B Prismacolor pencil, a black Micron pen, and a sea of fresh turtles.

Fit: This hoodie is a unisex fit with a kangaroo pocket and a drawstring hood. This hoodie will keep you toasty warm whether you’re playing in the snow or headed out to catch some waves at sunrise.

Heart: Machine washable (cold water please). Dry on low heat or let nature do the work and have her air dry it for you.

By Hand: Each of our hoodies are screen printed by hand, so please keep in mind that your final product may vary slightly from the one shown.

Wanderlust: Sitting on the beach in the pitch dark, monitoring an endangered turtle nest, waiting for the hatchlings to emerge, we were on the sunset to sunrise shift. The members of our small group taking turns at the nest, sleeping when we could, it would be a long night. Tucked away from civilization, the lights of town didn’t touch our beach, The Milky Way beamed brightly overhead. It was the only light we had. I chose the darkest shift of the night. I wanted to soak in every bit of the stars that I hadn’t seen in years. Earlier in the evening, one hatchling emerged, we knew the rest of the nest was close behind. To keep myself awake, I filled pages of my sketchbook with turtles. Drawing in the dark (flashlights not allowed) was a challenge, but I trusted my hand to know what to do. Around three am, the hatchlings began bubbling up from the sand. Turtle after turtle emerged, crawling over each other as they navigated their way to the sea. The nest was a success. That night, under the glow of the stars, we were a privileged few. Facilitating a safe path for the endangered turtles as they joined our world.

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