Pelican- Men's Tee

$39.00 $28.00

Ingredients: Our signature, eco-friendly Octopus Ink tee is made from a mixture of sustainably grown organic cotton & bamboo, three weeks of studying pelicans in Mexico, gold flecked sand, nearly drowning, a watercolor pad, a bag full of black Faber Castell pens that dried out in the heat, and hours of drawing under a hot sun.

Wear: This tee is a men's fit that is buttery soft against the skin with the added benefits of being anti-microbial and moisture wicking, making it our go-to tee for a day on the beach or a date with a pelican.

Heart: Machine washable (cold water please). Dry on low heat or let nature do the work of air drying it for you.

By Hand: Due to the handmade nature of each item, variations are natural and should be expected.

Wanderlust: Weightless on top of one world, sinking away from another. Tiny silver fish dancing across the surface of the water, hundreds of pelicans circling the air above me. The sun scorching my face. I float on my back waiting for the waves to consume me as I watch the pelicans dive into the sea. Their mighty force breaks the surface of the water with a thwap and, for a moment, they vanish below the surface. As they reappear, their pouches filled with fish and sea water, I lock eyes with one bird. She swims to me, beckoning me to follow her. I do. She stays a few feet in front of me, turning every so often to watch me with her dark eyes. We swim together- past the waves, past where I can see the shore, out to where the sea is calm. She gives me one last look then flies away, leaving me far from the safety of solid ground and all alone in the deep blue water.


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